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Heart attack-visible as a result of damage to the blood vessels

The reactive oxygen species are considered to be the factor pathogenetic heart dysfunction induced by ischemia and in the development of congestive arrest, what was confirmed in 2000. Ide and partners were making direct measurement of increased generation of radical system in inefficient heart.

It has been shown that to increased generation of free radicals occur during myocardial infarction and in the development of cardiomyopathy. Research of the last decade show that reactive oxygen species can induce arrhythmia and that increased production of reactive oxygen species occurs during cardio-surgical treatments. Free radical reactions seem also to play a key role in recoil after a heart transplant.

One of the key elements affecting the correct functioning of the heart beat are the capillaries (the capillary) which is supplied oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
Suction disorders the bloodstream as a result of failure of oxygen cell suffocated and starves, which leads to the disease and destroy cells. Professor Sylwester Terek, recommended that you provide the body with antioxidants trapping free radicals.

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Cells function of our body depends on a continuous supply of oxygen from the blood. If the blood supply to a tissue would cease, the situation becomes very serious. After a few or a several minutes of cut-off of oxygen supply (depending on the type of tissue) in the tissue are irreversible changes. Many studies of this type was performed on the heart muscle. They showed that few minute cutting off blood supply to the heart muscle causing arrhythmia, which persists spontaneously after a certain time. Longer, few or ten minutes ischemia results in an characteristic set of changes, known as the “stunned heart” or systolic heart disorders of abnormal contractions of the heart, which are not accompanied by myocardial necrosis. These changes will go away after a few-dozen days. Ischemia (part) of the heart muscle lasting longer than several minutes causes it to die off.


Heart arrhythmias can lead to serious and irreversible changes in the body. The use of Dihydroquercetin followed by improvement of microcirculation and contractility of the myocardium, coronary blood flow, and decrease the viscosity of the blood.

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Taxifolin prevents aging?



Sensational article Prof. Eve Terka`s in “over the counter”
In the specialist magazine for partners of the Polish Pharmaceutical Group released – in my opinion – is sensational article of Prof. Eve Terka about taxifolin that affects very positive on the capillaries and thus prevents aging of the body and the development of many diseases.

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The point is that we are composed with cells. To each cell of the body must be delivered oxygen and sugar. It must also “pick up” by-products of metabolism . The transport shall ensure that the capillaries (so small that you can’t see them, we have them in more than 100 thousand km), which are destroyed by oxygen free radicals.
Damaged capillaries are damaged cells. Prof. Terek claims that tests (unfortunately there is no article with bibliography, source) have shown that the most powerful natural antioxidant is taxifolin
(dihydroquercetin, dihydrokwercytyna, taxifolin, taksyfolina).

Taxifolin helps so indirectly on:
• the aging of the organism – prevents
• cleans the vascular system and organizes the circulatory system
• regenerates brain
• restores memory after hemorrhage blood to the brain
• restores the coordination problems of blood to the brain
• cleanses lungs with smoke deposits
• increases the volume of the lungs
• improves well-being smoker
• irregular heartbeat
• cardiac insufficiency
• angina
• reduces blood clotting
• works very well for pain relief
• eliminates the contractions of the blood vessels of the brain,
I invite the persons to click on the link at the top and get acquainted with the full content of this article.
I also invite those who use taxifolin and have/had the abovementioned diseases, to describe their experiences.
I care about the experience first-hand, possibly a description of someone they personally know and are with that person in a relationship such that you can consider this information to be reliable.