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The quality and purity of the taxifolin by orac

Scientists discovered thousands of antioxidants of wihich 500 is well-understood. Many of them can be obtained only under laboratory conditions, others occur widely in nature, mostly in food. In our home market we have a few dozen as vitamin A (retinol), witamin E (tocopherol), vitamin C, rutin, quercetin, hesperidin, naringenin. Until the interest the topic I knew 3 of them. It just shows how low our consciousness is in dealing with the pathogenesis of diseases and the use of antioxidants. In the English-language medical press appear from time to time reports of newly discovered antioxidants and ongoing research into their application. With tracked literature you can also find out about the origins of antioxidants-how to place of origin determines the purity and power of antioxidants. One way to estimate this “power” is the ORAC.
ORAC is the antioxidant capacity of foods; it is determined using the test, the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.

ORAC sets out all products of plant origin like fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, quercetin and dihydroquercetin in terms of “power” antioxidants.

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